August 2—28, 15:45—16:45
Genres: Musical, Satire, Comedy
Approx Run Time: 1 hour

SHELLSHOCK! is a new musical satire exploring the themes of greed, fanaticism and how many turtle puns are too many turtle puns. When Shelly, recent grad and marketing whizz, is summoned to the secret headquarters of G.L.G.; the world’s largest oil and gas company, she thinks she’s hit the big time. They’ve got a PR problem and need some fresh ideas fast. Little does she know there is a black and bubbling madness beneath the veneer of corporate perfection; threatening to engulf all in its path.

From the team that brought you THAW comes a tale of high stakes, big oil and one very old reptile.

Shelly Clarke Alex Duckworth
Venetia Von Van Clief Phoebe Angeni
Jeremy Daniel Heidlandn
Glen Elliot Douglas
Darryl Molly Williams
Director Louis Catliff
Musical Director Joey Baker
Producer Juliett Boobbyer
Marketing Daniel Heidland

Designed by Mia Ferraiolo
© Greenhouse Theatre