Our Mission


The Greenhouse is the UK’s first zero-waste theatre. We create multi-award-winning, deeply human shows in a sustainable way, for the young and curious who are looking for unique and affordable social experiences to share with friends. We harness our medium to build a relaxed, friendly, social atmosphere that anyone can enjoy. People come to us for top-quality shows, an innovative (inexpensive) bar, and a full calendar of events and workshops. They stay safe in the knowledge that, every moment they’re here, they’re doing their bit to protect our planet.


The current generation of under 35-year-olds care more about climate change than any other age group in history. But they are also the least likely to take individual action to prevent it. There is a huge knowledge action gap here – and we believe it comes down, simply, to communication. The facts and figures on discuss climate change are important. But they’re scary, and their hard to relate to.

The Greenhouse flips this on its head. We use the power of performance and storytelling to help audiences build genuine, personal, emotional connections with the issue. We convert the climate crisis from something distant and terrifying into something they can see, feel, and ultimately, effect.

Our artistic programme inspires. Shows are engaging and conversational, drawing audiences into discussion and inviting them to reach their own conclusions. They never lecture – and they’re rarely explicitly about climate change. Rather, they often carry themes of the natural world, and our place within it.

Once audiences have been inspired, our education programme gives them the practical skills they need to take action. Workshops teach everything from how to darn socks to how to recognise greenwashing in marketing, and they are completely free to ensure accessibility. this has a real impact. Data from our pilot run in 2019 shows that the combination of our artistic and education work caused 50% of our attendees to live more sustainably after visiting us.

We also help arts organisations and businesses in other industries become more environmentally responsible. Using our storytelling background and environmental experience, we help companies deeply embed sustainability into their work, ensuring our impact reaches not just individuals, but organisations and communities too.

Want to learn more about our mission, our principles, and our plans for the future? Take a look at some of our most important guiding documents below. These are living pieces of work, so they’re constantly getting updated!