Our Team

Say hello to the wonderful team behind The Greenhouse! All of these lovely people have been essential to the process of making The Greenhouse happen, and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the project. Just drop us an email at [firstname]@thegreenhousetheatre.com!

Oli Savage (he/him): Artistic Director

Oli is an emerging director with a passion for social activism. He believes that theatre has a crucial ability to help people connect with issues that often seem too big to fathom on an emotional level. Oli has been at The Greenhouse as Artistic Director since 2018. When he’s not directing, he likes being outside, reading, and playing table-top games.

Sarah Chamberlain (she/her): Executive Director

Sarah is a producer and actress who has developed a drive for making theatre open and exciting to all. She believes that theatre is often considered a closed off art form and she wants to show people that this isn’t always true — she enjoys working on projects that challenge her and the audience. She has produced theatre for the past four years, including taking works to the Edinburgh Fringe, BoxedIn’s inaugural production ’Romeo and Juliet’ and the company’s first tour, ’WOOD’.

Ben Clark (he/him): Head of Marketing

Ben currently studies Economics at the University of St Andrews in a joint degree scheme with the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Contrary to the stuffy subject, he has a true passion for connecting with people and helping them communicate what truly excites them. A veteran of The Greenhouse, Ben is thrilled to continue work on bringing sustainable theatre across the UK and hopefully across the world.

Cate Hanlon (she/her): Head of Education and Outreach

Cate studies management and comparative literature at the University of St Andrews. As her confusing degree combination may suggest, she has an equal appreciation for theatre and a good list. Cate has produced nine shows over the past three years and is currently serving as the vice president of the university’s performing arts fund. She’s been trying to convince her father of climate change for about six years.

Holly Cowley (she/her): Deputy Head of Education and Outreach

Holly is currently working towards a degree in Writing, Directing and Performance at the University of York. She is extremely interested in the way that theatre can be utilised as an accessible, safe and practical medium for education both inside and outside of schools. She’s tried her hand at acting, directing, marketing, but her true passions lie in studying the dramaturgy of plays and performance, ensuring meaningful relationships between directors and actors and, in turn, actors and spectators. She’s an avid reader – Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is her reigning favourite.

Bryn Richards (he/they): Graphic Designer

Bryn Richards is a recent graduate from the University Of York. He’s in charge of the graphic design for The Greenhouse 2021, and helps to make sure the project looks as good as it can. He’s really excited about running a zero-waste marketing campaign – the environment is something he’s deeply passionate about, so he loves the opportunity to combine that passion with his work.