Coming Up

The Greenhouse is always cooking up something new and exciting for you to see. Take a look below at what we’re working on at the moment. We’re also always looking for co-productions, so if you’ve got an idea that you think would fit well into the venue, just get in touch.

To the Ocean

“Magic isn’t real. That’s the first thing that you should know – and if the choice to begin our fairy story in this way is a bit shocking to you, that’s because. Well. This isn’t like any other fairy story you’ve heard before.”
The Greenhouse is reviving its show-stopping musical adaptation of the Selkie Myth for 2022, complete with a brand new original score. Based on myth, folklore, and storytelling, the show follows the story of a young girl who sets out on a magical journey to find the mother she never knew.
Keep your eyes peeled – To The Ocean will be popping up in an exciting found location this summer. To stay updated with how things are going, sign up to our newsletter here.

Upcoming Films

For 2022, The Greenhouse is also making its first foray into film-making, producing a trilogy of films, made in a deeply sustainable way. The films will discuss the climate crisis, and show just how much of a difference our every day actions will take.
This trilogy of short films – Seed, Tree, Forest – follow the stories of three groups of survivors during and after a global catastrophe caused by climate collapse. It will explore these lives, showcasing what we have to lose and, more importantly, what we have to gain by working together.

We hope to use these films to open up a conversation within the industry about how we can all approach film-making with a more zero waste and sustainable mindset, to play our part in preventing the events of the films from becoming a reality!

Production on the first Two of these films is set for Autumn 2022. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date.

Echoes of You

“I have been here long enough to see every memory in every stone. I see every ounce of life that was breathed into this place. I have combed over the rocks and moss and lichen and yet I cannot see where you walked. Only where you stopped walking.”

For years, Lesnes Abbey has lain in ruins, reclaimed by nature with trees sprouting in the cracks and grass pushing up paving stone. For many, it is a sign of decay – for others, it’s a place full of life, and for our narrator, it’s full of nothing but memories.

Echoes of You is an immersive sound experience about loss, love, and grief, told from the perspective of a partner who was left behind. Using innovative geo-locative technology, the show is an isolated event, experienced by each audience member individually, simply by plugging their headphones in and exploring the space.

This show will receive a limited run towards the end of 2022 – if you’d like to be invited, sign up to our mailing list here.