London 2023

In summer of 2023, The Greenhouse appeared in three different locations across London. Alongside our award-winning programme of shows, and our collection of events and workshops, we debuted our first ever zero-waste bar. You can learn more about each location below, as well as our headline show for the summer.


Thames Barrier Park, North Woolwich Road, E16 2HP

11th May to 4th June


Jubilee Park, Bank Street, E14 5JP

19th June to 14th July


Pump House Lane, SW8 5EH

7th August to 3rd September

Headline Show

Grace has lived in Dunwick with her father all her life. But on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, she’s whipped up in the journey of a lifetime, travelling across land and sea, through rainstorms and abandoned barns, meeting people – and creatures – she was certain did not exist. All in the hope of finding out just who she is, and what her father had been too scared to tell her all these years.

To the Ocean is a modern re-telling of the Selkie myth, created specifically for The Greenhouse 2023. Performed with a cast of four actor musicians, the show intertwines myth, magic and song, to create a beautifully joyous story about connection, belonging, and the places we call home.