July 23 to August 15

7:30pm Saturdays and Wednesdays. 2:30pm Fridays.

I wanted to leave a record. Something tangible to outlast us. So whoever’s listening – This is a record of two people who tried. Two people who stayed together even as everything around them fell apart.

Exploring memory, language and intimacy, 12 follows a relationship as it struggles to stay together in a world that’s falling apart. 12 invites us to consider: what’s the value of memory in a world in crisis? Do we lose our sense of self as we lose the natural world? Most importantly, 12 asks, in the midst of an emergency, what are the things worth saving?


Leyon Stolz-Huntera
Ayesha Milner-Glover b


Henry RobertsWriter
Lata NobesDirector
Maria PetittiAssistant Director
Cate HanlonProducer
Anna Webb-SanchezDesigner

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