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The Greenhouse is always looking for new partners and new projects. There are a number of ways that you can work with us, from one-off workshops and performances, to putting up our entire venue. Get in touch to see what we can do for you!

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Our Venue

Keen to really show off your sustainability commitments? The UK’s first zero-waste venue can come to you! We’re always looking for new places to open our doors and new audiences to engage with. So, if you’re interested in hosting what one journalist described as our “wooden cathedral”, or if you’d like to explore partnership opportunities to open the venue somewhere new, please just get in touch.

One-Off Shows

The Greenhouse is a multi-award-winning theatre company with a catalogue of shows from hard-hitting drama to family-friendly musicals. Our work is creatively challenging and forward thinking, and it’s also a great way to spark climate action amongst your audiences. You can check out some of our previous work here for an idea of the shows we make. Then, whether you’d like to programme one of our previous pieces, or you’d like to commission something completely new, get in touch to see what we can bring to you.

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Easily the most versatile of our performance pieces, The Greenhouse’s storytelling cycle draws on the bardic traditions of the ancient celts, mixed with contemporary spoken work and live music. Lightly interactive, and adaptable to fit any space for any audience, this is an easy way to create an eco-theatre presence at a festival, venue, or event. You can hear examples of our storytelling work here – just get in touch and we can tweak a performance to suit your needs.


The Greenhouse isn’t just about inspiration – our workshops and education sessions give people the skills and knowledge they need to take climate action. Using our theatrical background, our workshops are hands-on and engaging, presenting compelling narratives that participants are excited to connect with. We offer off-the-shelf or bespoke workshops for a wide range of applications, from audience engagement to business sustainability. Contact us with what you’re looking for, and we can shape something just for you.



Need a zero-waste venue for your next big event? Looking for a one-off environmentally themed performance? Hoping to add something engaging and exciting to an environmental conference or festival? We love to take new commissions and work with partners to help them deliver exciting, entertaining work in a zero-waste and sustainable way. Get in touch with our Artistic Director Oli Savage, and we’d be excited to build something to perfectly suit your needs.

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