We’re very excited about our programme for The Greenhouse 2020. As always, we’ve chosen from an exciting mix of genres to ensure there’s something that appeals to everyone. Each show discusses our relationship with the natural world in some way, aimed at sparking debate and helping you reach your own conclusions. Above all, they’re kind, compassionate, and hopefully a lot of fun. Remember, tickets to all of our shows are £5, no matter where we are.


Four of our shows will be appearing in London with us (click here for more information about our schedule for this year).


Directed by Oli Savage

As You Like It is easily Shakespeare’s most famous pastoral show – its central theme is undoubtedly the power of nature, and it also explores the importance of remaining connected with the natural world around us. It asks why we feel the need to contain nature, and to push it out of our human spaces – or, indeed, when it is in those human spaces, why we feel the need to have complete control over it. In the end, this is a show that is about reminding people of why nature is great – and hopefully, it will encourage them to understand that it’s something worth saving.


Written by Henry Roberts
Directed by Oli Savage

12 is a heart-wrenching love-story, inspired by the 2018 IPCC report warning us that we have twelve years left before irreversible climate catastrophe ensues. Taking a deeply human look at the climate crisis, it explores our relationships both towards each other and to the world around us, showcasing just how much we may have to lose if the worst does happen. A deeply hopeful piece, 12 reminds us that we are fighting for each other, as much as anything else, and it is this that may just help us out of the mess we’ve made.


Written and directed by Matthew Rawcliffe
Design by Ruby Butcher

BBC’s Young Dancer of the Year 2019 comes to The Greenhouse with his new, untitled piece exploring conversations on environmental activism. From Extinction Rebellion arrest stories to Vegan Dating Apps. Using spoken word, contemporary dance and music – in collaboration with costume designer Ruby Butcher, their goal is to create a performance piece which sparks discussion and debate around what it means to care for our planet.


Written and Directed by Louis Catliff

Cass has always told stories. Donald has never gone along with them. But when a sibling bonding trip to the Highlands goes awry the pair are plunged into an adventure beyond either of their imaginations. From the writer of last years award-nominated Shellshock! comes CASS – a dark and immersive fairytale about sibling rivalry, escapism and the restorative power of nature.


Edinburgh Fringe

All four of our London shows will be appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe, where they’ll be joined by two more shows as well.


Written by Isla Cowan
Directed by Avigail Tlalim

For humans, global warming is a threat. Literally. Or at least, that’s how are brains perceive it. Something so big, and so challenging that it’s easier (and safer) to block it out altogether. On the verge of an extinction level event, we can’t even think about the threat that we’re facing. human/nature is a show about humans, nature and human nature. Through monologue, movement and music, this eclectic and experimental play probes at how tackling climate change may require us to overcome our human-ness.


Artistic Direction by Sarah McCormick and Elena Stalwick

An apocalyptic planet Earth in the not too distant future is where we lay our scene and a pair of lovers still manage to cross each other. The greatest tragedy ever was written meets the greatest tragedy the world has ever faced, but how does this flaming and flooding environment alter their story? Is there anything Romeo and Juliet can do to save the planet and themselves? In this radical re-envisioning of Shakespeare’s text, we invite the audience to actively share their opinions, direction and to join us on stage and on the grander stage of life in creating the ending that they would like to see.