Our Vision

At The Greenhouse, our mission is to:

  • Create ground-breaking, innovative, award-winning art

  • That creates climate action and encourages climate-conscious lifestyles.

The history of the climate change communication is a history of facts and figures. Those facts and figures are incredibly important. But they’re difficult to connect with, or to truly understand on a personal level. As a result, the crisis becomes so colossal and so intangible, people begin to believe their actions are insignificant in comparison. The Greenhouse challenges this practice. We talk about the climate using award-winning, ground-breaking stories and performances that people can understand and relate to. Through this, we help people understand how the natural world and a changing climate relates to them personally. We help people see the impact that their actions can have. We help make change because they want to, not because they feel they have to.
We know this works. In the summer of 2021, we worked with Dr Shreedhar at the London School of Economics to assess the impact of our work, and prove how our shows increased individual environmental action amongst our attendees.
You can hear our Artistic Director talking more about our mission here.
You can also read and download our guiding principles here.    

“It’s dark. And cold. Early November, and the kind of night where the darkness is light, and the light is bright white and piercing. You walk along the canal and begin to hear the faint sound of chatting and laughter in the distance.”


By 2030, we aim for The Greenhouse to be an internationally-renowned arts organisation, that has significantly changed the way we think and talk about climate.

“The courtyard is dotted with flowerbeds and little gardens. On three sides are three single-storey wooden buildings, and on the fourth side is the river or canal – which you turn to overlook for a moment.”


By 2030, The Greenhouse will open the doors on its first permanent venue. By 2035, we will have expanded this, to include an entire hub of buildings with performance spaces, rehearsal spaces, a bar, and space for our community of sustainable businesses. All of these spaces will be unique, beautiful, and welcoming.

“You see a throng of activity. Families sit in front of the bar enjoying lunch. You see friends sitting on benches and talking. In one corner, a group of people are taking a yoga class, and somewhere inside, you hear the sound of music being practiced.”


Our people love working with us. We actively invest in artists and administrators to help them become the best possible versions of themselves. We take an a-hierarchical approach that fosters respect and a sense of radical collectivism. Audiences will feel welcomed into this community. And we won’t rest on our laurels – we will continue to actively seek out new audiences and new connections through touring and work in our local community.

“The show you see is kind, engaging, and thought-provoking. It’s also the best show you’ve seen all year. You feel inspired and empowered – you feel your strength and your significance, and you being to understand the role you can play in combating the climate crisis.”


The Greenhouse has branched out significantly. As well as ground-breaking theatre, we’ve moved into many other art forms, including film, television, dance, and music. Yet underpinning this is the same approach. The same kind, engaging, innovative shows that prioritise personal connection over spectacle and grandeur, and leave you feeling nourished. Our work has developed an international reputation, which is quite impressive for a 200-seater theatre made of trash.

You can learn more about our vision for 2030 here.

You can read a snapshot of how The Greenhouse will feel by 2030, here.