The Earth Untold

“Particularly evocative.” – The Scotsman

The Earth Untold is a storytelling cycle about the ways in which the environment has sheltered us, protected us, informed how we live, sculpted our traditions and festivities, and played a starring role in our folklore and mythology.

Aimed at an audience of all ages, the show takes as its inspiration stories from as familiar a location as the Fringe’s own homeland, Scotland, and as far away as Ancient Greece.

To support its construct, each story will be prompted by a series of objects selected by the audience at the beginning of the show, adding an element of both spontaneity and inclusivity to the performance.


Martina Sardelli 1

Juliet Boobbyer – 2

Miles Hurley – 3

Georgina Savage – 4


Georgia Luckhurst Writer

Daniel Jonusas Director